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Do you want to become an engineer?

One of the most common occupations of today lie in this field of science. As it ranges from varied fields, students have a selection to choose from. If you are thinking of opting for a degree in engineering, here is what you need to read up.

 Who are engineers?

These are the people behind the bridges, buildings and damns in the country. They properly design and identify what sort of materials and equipment are needed to enforce a strong built monument. Engineers create systems and processes that are vital for a person’s everyday use. This category of people use their mathematical, analogical and scientific knowledge to make work easier.

How to be certified

In order to be called an engineer, you will most certainly need to have the paper qualifications for it. Most of the related degrees are of 4-6 years depending on the field chosen and curriculum. If you choose to take on a small course or diploma also, you will be able to get a basic job like tower crane consultants or even manufacturer in parts.

When in high school, take the class that will prepare you with basics for university education like maths and science. At the first year of university, you will run through the basics and more in order to be able to specialize at your second year. Signing up for summer internships in related areas for the practical knowledge also builds your base. Once you have selected your major, study well during the 3-4 years to get your qualified degree from an engineering student to a professional engineer.

Career opportunities and areas

As said earlier, this occupation has many fields. A few of them are, chemical, aeronautical, mechanical, bio-chemical, electrical etc. All these have a common ground and at the same time, differ from another in many ways.

There are some in this profession who take on paths such as IT, management and business as well. So it is not necessary that you have to do associated jobs. For those with only a basic knowledge or diploma, jobs such as site consultant, manufacturer and tower crane consultants are available to gradually grow.


On an average, a graduate just out of college would earn around $80,200 per year and this would increase to around $94,670 or even become lower to around $60,540. However, keep in mind that this would depend on the field of work and company you are working for. Gradually as you grow your pay will increase to about $99,440 per year as well. There are also many chances of promotions in engineering. So if your work is of good use and your employers see that you are learning and getting the job done, there are perks such as paid further education and other bonuses too.

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