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Brief introduction to mechanical engineering

If you have decided that you want to study engineering at university and are wondering if mechanical is a good major, here is what you need to know about it before you make a decision.

What is engineering?

This is the field of science where engineers use their mathematical, scientific and analogical skills to develop processes, systems and machines to ease the lives of common people. Whether it is building bridges or constructing a tower, they design and implement a fool proof method to get the job done. To study this area, you need to have a good eye for solving and creating. You also will need to have a passion for the subjects that consist of numbers and equations.

The field of mechanics

This is a diverse subject where the need to invent and create is instilled in the engineer. They manufacture every small device to big machines. This is done so as to help simple and complex processes such as plumbing to strain gauge installation. This field is required for automotive, aerospace, bio-technical, manufacturing industrial machines etc. to make it simpler, mechanical engineering deals with movement of anything from a very intricate machine to the human body. Even this field is divided into sub categories where people specialize in them to gain further knowledge.

Education and jobs

The basic knowledge of maths and science must be learnt during the high school period which makes it easy for the student to get into a university that teaches engineering. Once in university, which will constitute education for about 4-6 years depending on the curriculum, the student will learn everything from basics to the highest forms of engineering. He can specialise in mechanical section during the 2nd or 3rd year and carry on to do higher courses even after university or a job, which your workplace might provide for. It is good to remember that studying this will require interest more than a capability of studying. Practical knowledge that teaches one about subjects like aircraft engines, strain gauge installation, and remote controlled machines for example, is essential for a better learning.

Pay scale

A mechanical engineers earnings will range from $66,437 to around $89,540 depending on the position of job and company that you work in. experience has a positive effect on salary in this field. The more experience you have, the better your job position and pay is.

There are companies that provide for further education that they will sponsor for if they think that you are playing a key role in the association. If you work well enough, you also get promotions and other bonuses.

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